"Is he a psychiatrist?" "No, he's one of the patients."

I couldn't make sense of most of it.

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He has created a walk-in closet, with the help of sliding walls.


Archie did what he thought was right.


You can see many animals in this forest.

I'll lend you this book.

She lives in this house by herself.

I wonder if anybody knows where Leon is.

I always like wine and cheese.

Nobody believes in my country.

I stayed so he wouldn't feel lonely.


Many words are pronounced according to the spelling, but some are not.

Many people hire accountants to help them with their tax returns.

I don't care what you do.

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The region has never been inhabited by people.

It all depends on your true relationship.

Was it useful?

Are you fat?

I'm trying to find out when it happened.

Andrea's elderly.

Jared isn't really such a bad singer.

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How do we get him out of jail?

We arrived in New York at night.

I turned down the idea of going for a walk and stayed at home.


Wild animals live in the forest.

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Jaime didn't want to marry a woman who wanted children.


I knew you'd ask about that.

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Sergio didn't really feel like going to school this morning.

Juergen has gone insane.

Maybe you didn't understand me.

She lives in quite a big mansion.

I won the event.

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My husband's going to kill me.

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You can use my desk if you want.

Gilles seems a little jumpy, doesn't he?

She decided to be operated on.

Gregory opened the door and went inside.

Narendra told Rajarshi not to laugh so loudly.


Let's go to the cafe where they serve hookahs.


Let me tell you about our special.

I can't pay for the car.

We eat the meat.

I'm glad we put all that behind us.

I always tell the truth.

Tell Spudboy that I need to talk to him.

Your vaginal walls may thin a bit.

Have you ever been in New York?

Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of Men.


We could do better.

Saiid and Malloy got married this spring.

The problem is not as simple as it might seem at first sight.


If you put more tea leaves into the pot, the tea will taste better.


This is the best guitar in the store.

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I know how hard this must be.

I've been taking lessons from Clarissa.

I can't wait to leave.

They elected Hashimoto the Prime Minister.

I'm afraid you can't marry her.

Please give me a pillow and a blanket.

Give a shout if you see anything.

He got a bad reputation.

I see him.

I studied English, French and Chinese.

I'll never go back to Boston.

Where can we meet?

I have three questions for you.

The committee consists of fifteen people.

There's one piece left.

The man walked round the corner.

I didn't set you up.

Edmond is shallow and materialistic.

I can't keep lying to them.

Manny can't wait to meet Juha.

Can you go look for help?


You had better get up early.


I don't need anything... just a new pair of pants.

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Who is more suitable for the job than Christina?

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Hard work never killed anyone. But why take the risk?!

Jeremy killed three enemy soldiers.

They made temporary camps along the coast.

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Seals eat fish.

There was a seal in the water and on the shore.

I thought Suzanne said he wasn't going to get married.

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I said such horrible things about her.

I was the only one who knew Eddy was coming.

I am very happy that you have agreed to that plan.

Ralph did the best he could do.

He has nothing to contribute to a conversation.

Brooke, I know you're in there.

She used apples to do the jam.

Give Lisa my regards.

Please let us know.

I just don't know why Kirsten doesn't want me to help him.

She is rich, certainly, but I don't think she's very smart.


In Japan we may criticize the government freely.


It's just that simple.


I got up early today.


A baby camel is smaller than a young camel.

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Have you said anything about this to Ram?

Heather can't finish this job in a day.

The boys are still playing in the sandbox.

Pay what you can.

The pretty girl in the bikini is Izzy's sister.

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Electric cars are becoming more and more popular.

We appreciate your understanding.

You are someone very special to me.

That's what I pay you for.

Couldn't we cuddle, instead?

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He felt hedged in with rules.

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We've only got three more days.

I called him Dieter.

We can't even be certain that it was Toerless we saw.


I'm kind of busy right now, Fritz.

The doctors are still trying to save Raul.

He looked back at us time after time then walked away.

Jeanne is a book lover.

I got up earlier than usual so that I might catch the first train.


We will be studying very hard this time next year.

The company is running so well, it's unnerving.

This is my older brother.


The day is sure to come when your dream will come true.

When did you and Nick buy that?

Are you old enough to drink?

Are you going to be OK?

Would you like to see that again?

It's not dinnertime yet.

I wish I had eaten more.


It appears to me that you are all mistaken.


What kind of logic is this: if it is not yours, it must be mine?

I've taught Gordon everything I know.

Has there been any progress?


I like what I see.

What's Tony doing?

I was talking to Ramesh when it happened.

A man's worth lies in what he is rather than what he has.

Soldiers must obey their commanders.

Reinhard is an ignoramus.

Why is your cat so big?


Were you the giving or the receiving partner in your anal sex?


Who is she to tell me what to do?

I don't have medical training.

Let me see your ticket.

I never wanted to do this.

He lives outside the city.

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I couldn't figure it out.

He followed in her wake.

I had an interesting day today.

Everyone says that Nancy is very pretty.

I'm supposed to meet them.



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Where's our money?


I have very deep convictions.


Seriously. We have to do something against it.


I should've eaten more.